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Digital Wallet

What is Dock Wallet?Dock Wallet is a place where you can take control of all of your digital credentials. We live with credentials all our lives, from birth certificates, IDs, accomplishments and awards,…

2 April 1, 2019
About the Wallet category 2 March 1, 2019
What credentials do you currently hold? 13 June 8, 2019
Topics for blog articles 6 June 7, 2019
Cryptocurrency payment 1 May 8, 2019
What do you like about Dock?

Share with us so we can continue delivering a great product to our users.

5 April 8, 2019
The period of third party access to data 4 April 6, 2019
What do we need to improve?

We welcome any and all feedback, learning from our users is the only way we can continue to deliver a great product.

15 April 4, 2019
Excited for Verified Credentials! 6 April 2, 2019
What would you like to be able to accomplish with your Dock wallet?

We’ve created the Dock wallet to make your lives easier! Please let us know what types of items you would like to store in it and where you would like to be able to use it.

10 April 1, 2019
Timetable for release of solution 3 March 13, 2019
Trust re Dock Misuse of PII 2 March 12, 2019
Verifying my info 3 March 12, 2019
What will this solution bring? 8 March 9, 2019
Searching for Jobs 2 March 9, 2019