Dock & Produce Supply Chain Traceability

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I’m new to Dock, but wondering if there might be an ability to provide supply chain visibility for produce, such as leafy greens, moving through the supply chain? You may be aware of the recent and far too frequent product recalls of items, such as romaine lettuce, that impact consumer health. There are several private enterprise blockchain initiatives, but there is a need for an open track & trace system based on blockchain.

Any thoughts?


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Thanks for the question @Tman,

Currently Dock is focused on producing verifiable digital credentials & records that pertain to people’s capabilities, skills, and accomplishments. As an example:
Picture a digital badge that is personally tied to your identity, earned from completing a training course through your job and that you can include in a resume to prove your expertise in this area.

Creating a decentralized network for producing the digital badge mentioned above is Dock’s current mission. Our approach is for the Dock network to enable anyone to order common types of digital credentials via API, and for network participants to fulfill these orders and earn a reward for doing so.

This ecosystem uses the Dock token to ensure proper incentives and that everyone behaves correctly. The end result is an autonomous system where large amounts of digital credentials & records can be quickly issued.

To answer your question, our focus is not on providing supply chain visibility, but rather, "Empowering organizations and individuals to better utilize people’s talents & skills through trustworthy, lifelong digital assets."

Hope that helps, if you have further questions feel free to reply below :+1: