Dock Quiz 1: Vision Update & Litepaper


The recent update to Dock’s Vision and the release of our Litepaper detailing the Dock Blockchain represent important milestones on our journey to enabling an internet of trust.

To raise awareness & ensure the community understands this vision and how the solution we’re creating enables it - we’ve created a quiz that covers the most important ideas & details contained in recent updates.


Those who take the quiz will receive a special digital badge showing their support for the Dock community. This shareable badge will be used in future initiatives for prioritizing participants and will unlock invites to feature testing and other community events.

For those with a forum account older than two weeks you will also be eligible to win 1000 Dock tokens if you score 80% or above. Only available to the first 10 qualifying users.

For Participants

Guidelines: Start by reading the Vision Update & Litepaper. Then, click here and take the quiz! Make sure you answer every question completely to earn the reward(s).

If you get stuck, go to our telegram channel and DM a mod @normaaaa @AigarsPlugis @szabolotna @Artlimber - They will not give you the answer, but will provide a hint to help you figure it out.


Anyone found manipulating this program, sharing answers, or not representing themselves honestly will be disqualified. Dock reserves the right to withhold a reward or ask for further verification for anyone who may be suspected of violating the terms. Do not ask for the direct answers in Dock’s main telegram channel - please DM a mod. If you are found to be violating this you may be disqualified.

By submitting your answers to this quiz you are agreeing to abide by this disclaimer.