Hello, I'm Pretty New


I would like to create my network without sending invitations to all my LinkedIn contacts.

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Welcome to our community.

We wish to inform you that our old feature ‘Network’, where you can send invites and send connection to grow your network, has been removed. We have released a big product few days ago regarding taking control of your digital credentials. Please check this link https://dock.io/blog/wallet-release for more info.
Dock’s mission is to help you control your digital records to make your life more convenient and make you more successful.


Hello amityaron,

I am also new. I received the email about joining the forum community, I thought it would be a great place to meet people and network the same as you have stated!

If you’re on #SteemIt connect with me here https://steemit.com/@bit-trader And if you’re not on SteemIt you should really think about joining. It is an entire community of crypto enthusiasts that get paid for interacting on social media. ie. Liking, commenting, and writing blog posts!

I am very interested in Dock, it has exploded in the past year! Looking forward to learning more about you and becoming friends!