Syncing noob! trying to dock


Hello Everyone! I’m a total noob here and have almost no idea what I am doing… yet but once I figure out how to sync then I guess, I’ll learn how to swim, and surf, to the Dock! I’ll figure this out and, anyway, it’s great to be here.


@McMonagleRaeuchle we’re glad you are here! If you need any help our telegram is a good place for immediate info, or an email to also works.

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Thanks Matt! I have so many questions and I am also bouncing between twenty different things. Does Dockio have an instant learning module that can just be downloaded straight into my brain kind of like the way Neo learned Kung Fu in ‘The Matrix’? No but seriously, I am about to try the telegram thing and thanks again.

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Ok, I went to and tried to sign up for the web version from my laptop but had no success. I got this error message…

You don’t have a Telegram account yet, please sign up with Android / iPhone first.
Method: auth.sendCode
Result: {”_":“rpc_error”,“error_code”:400,“error_message”:“PHONE_NUMBER_APP_SIGNUP_FORBIDDEN”}"

and I couldn’t find a sign up button for Telegram anywhere. So how do I “sign up” for a telegram account?

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For telegram you are required to have a phone number, it’s a 3rd party app that calls or texts you to confirm your account. Once you’ve confirmed it you can use the desktop version like you were trying to do.