The Need for Verified Data


The world is changing, and the way you treat your data
should too!

Learn why verified data is necessary and how it can
empower your life in our latest blog post.


This is very interesting. I’ve had to pull reports or checks for myself before and yes they often take weeks and weeks to be processed. Glad to hear that this solution will address that issue

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I am sitting at the Cornell Blockchain conference, and listening to a smart contract presentation.

On, I paid and verified my 1) Background Check and 2) my Masters degree. I did not verify Undergraduate as you can’t get into grad school without a Bachelor’s.

My question is, what value is this if a future employer/partner/other does not understand what is involved in this verification? Taking it a step further, how do I know what you did?


Mike Sweeney

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@michaelsweeney Both of the checks you’ve mentioned are run through EBI (, a leading background verifier and a link to them is included when you share your verifications. This allows potential employers/whomever to know these checks were performed thoroughly by a reputable company.


Thanks Matt.

I am just learning your platform. So is this now on a public blockchain, private blockchain or private database?

I did try to “Request Access” with a different email, and I did not get anything in that email from Thanks


@michaelsweeney issuer’s will be able to anchor these credentials on the blockchain. Also, if you private message me the emails you used we will look into the issue.

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Is Dock ready for the UK yet?

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Hi! You can use Dock regardless of your location. Using Dock Tools and adding credentials to your account can be done from anywhere in the world. Background and Education checks are only available for US citizens.

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