The period of third party access to data

In relation to access, when a third party requests verification and the user accepts access. How long will it last?
Example of situation 1:
1- Bob requests work at McDonald’s.
2- Alice is the boss, and requests access to the profile to evaluate the accuracy of the data.
3- Bob grants Alice access to the verified data.
4- Bob is hired.
5- How much longer will access Alice?

Bob could be fired and … Does Alice still have access to the data?
For how long?

Example of situation 2:
1- Bob requests work at McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.
2- McDonald’s requests for access to Bob’s verified data.
4- Bob grants access to Alice from McDonald’s and begins his yoga class.
5- Bob receives a call from PizzaHut, he is hired.
6- Bob wishes to cancel Alice’s access to his verified data at the end of the yoga class.

Can Bob cancel Alice’s access to the data once Alice’s access is accepted?


I think Alice will have a permanent access. She won’t be able to edit Bobs verified data anyway. (it’s about 1th example)

It’s up to Dock! If they will add features to grant/delete access to their verified profile then Bob will be able to adjust these changes whenever he wants.

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I like your answer! Dock’s overall idea is to give people control over their data, so it means people like Bob will be able to grant/delete access to his verified data whenever he wishes. :wink:

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In my viewpoint yes @AigarsPlugis it is the key to respect sovereignty.

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