Topics for blog articles

As Dock begins to publish more content and increase our focus on marketing the exciting new aspects of our digital credential platform, what topics would the members of our community like to see in upcoming blog articles?

To get the ball rolling, consider:

  • Articles on the tech behind our credential engine
  • Articles promoting the use of digital credentials
  • Articles on the strategy for growing our organizational clients

Feel free to suggest your own as well!


I’d like to see more blogs or any kind of updates about how the Dock token will be used. Is it only for voting? Will there be other functionality that it enables?


The token will have additional utility past the voting. We envision a healthy token ecosystem, powered by the Dock token, that is focused on the issuance of digital credentials.

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I totally agree with more Token news and promotion, it seems to be a hot topic on Telegram and should be considered to be a “must have”.


My perception is that an association with some crypto market platform that needs such credentials would be a strong point. Encompassing 2 communities to expand the user base further by promoting the use of credentials on the associated platform. Whether it’s an online micro-working platform or a related issue that requires the credentials that the Dock ecosystem will provide will improve the reliability of the associated ecosystem while simultaneously improving the dock ecosystem.

This would be a positive impulse and generate multiple independent publications, flooding media portals with dock.


That’s a great suggestion @Cryptoray! Did you have any specific crypto projects in mind who could benefit from issuing digital credentials? I would think that any learning org providing education about blockchain technology or cryptocurrency related skills would be a good fit.

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Sorry for this delayed reply.

Researching a little… Projects like are not using blockchain to validate independent content creators
or publishers. The system connects editors with publishers. is a similar site than the previous comment. 2 Strong potential partner oportunities.