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What is Dock Wallet?

Dock Wallet is a place where you can take control of all of your digital credentials.

We live with credentials all our lives, from birth certificates, IDs, accomplishments and awards, to high school and college diplomas. We use certificates all the time, but we spend little time on sharing it with others.

Dock’s mission is to help you own and share your digital credentials easily to anyone in the world within seconds - to empower your career and life.

How to Get Started

To get started you can add your first digital credential on Dock here: https://app.dock.io/wallet.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@dock.io.

What are Digital Credentials?

Digital credentials are the digital equivalent of paper-based credentials. A digital credential is a proof of qualification, competence, education or clearance that is attached to a person. Digital credentials prove something about their owner.

Dock Digital Credentials

We use credentials all the time – our biggest achievements, proof of picking up a new skill, or proof that we went to college.

Those credentials are vastly important in our lives, yet we make little use of them and have no easy way to share those achievements with others.

Dock is a technology company that is dedicated to letting you take control and own your digital credentials.

Dock is a place where you can share your digital credentials with others and validate the authenticity of your credentials. You control the credentials you share and the people you share it with will know it is verified and accurate.

Next Steps

If you haven’t already, you can add your first digital credential in Dock here: https://app.dock.io/wallet.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know at support@dock.io.

Verifying Your Information

Verifying Your Education

Most of us went to colleges or universities at some point in our lives, and the certificate we got from those institutions are out-dated, unverifiable, and easily lost.

Fortunately, Dock is now working with verification partners in the U.S. to verify your education certificate so that you can store and easily share your education certificate to anyone, anywhere.

How it works

First, you will need to add an unverified education certificate in your Dock Wallet. This serves as an easy way for you to share your education even though it is not verified.

Next, you can choose to verify your education through Dock, with Dock’s verification partners in the U.S. The verification generally takes 1-2 hours and you will then have a verified education profile that you can share with anyone in the world.

Why U.S. only

Currently we are able to verify education certificates for U.S. institutions. We are working hard to expand this service to anyone around the world, and we hope to expand to your region soon.


If you don’t have your education certificates already, you can go to Dock Wallet and create one in seconds: https://app.dock.io/wallet.

If you have your education certificate, the next-step is to share it. Simply click on “Share” and you can send it to anyone you’d like.

What is a Background Check & How can I use it?

Finding a dream job for a job applicant has never become more competitive than it is today. 75% of job applicants in the U.S. think it’s “very difficult” to get their dream jobs in today’s climate.

On the other side, recruiters have also found their jobs to be more difficult due to lies and misrepresentations on resumes and applications. 85% of whom have listed this issue as a “#1 pain”.

As a candidate, having your professional profile verified can help you capture recruiters’ attention and get your foot in the door faster.

How It Works

  • Verify your professional data

You will first choose which areas of the resume are you verifying, e.g. Education history, employment history, identity verification, etc. Once your verification has been completed, you will receive a detailed report of your information.

  • Share with employers

Share your verified professional profile to your prospective employers via your resume, CV, social profiles, and personal notes.

  • Get notified

Once an employer requested an access to your profile, you will be notified immediately and give permissions to the employers you are willing to share your profile with.

  • Get in the door faster

Just by sharing your professional profile with employers, you have made hiring managers’ jobs easier and helps you standout from other applicants.

Get started

  • Verify your professional profile, starting for free here ( https://app.dock.io/get-verified )
  • Learn more about Dock and its verification partners (INSERT MARKETING URL)

Verified Information Pricing

Below is a breakdown of costs for various verification options.

  • Education - highest level - $14.99
  • Background check: NCDR, SOR, OFAC, Terrorist watchlist, Healthcare sanctions - $14.99

Sharing Your Credentials

After you have verified your background verification or education verification, Dock empowers you with your Dock profile that you could share easily with anyone in the world.

How it works - Background Check

We understand that for background verification, there are very sensitive information that we would like to shield it at a safe place.

Dock Profile is that safe place, anyone can visit your Dock profile, but if they would like to see the details, they would need to send an access request, which you would need to approve to put it into effects.

Dock utilizes technology to keep your information safe, your profile link will be securely hashed to protect your privacy. if you have any questions, please reach out to us.

How it works - Education Verification

We understand education verification is a much less sensitive topic and thus we do not impose restrictions on who could see your education verification.

You can easily share your Dock profile with anyone and they could come in and view the details of your verified education.

Compared with background check profile, your education profile link is public.

Can I share multiple profiles in my application?

For now we are only supporting sharing one verification profile at a time, but we are working on sharing multiple profiles and we will let you know when it’s available.


If you haven’t already, you can verify your background or education easily within Dock: https://app.dock.io/wallet.

For Organizations

How can Dock Wallet help my Organization?

If your organization is currently releasing physical or digital forms of certificates, Dock is a perfect match for you if you want to save, issue, organize, and manage digital accomplishments.

Send, Organize, and Manage Easily

Dock is a technology company that focuses heavily on digital and professional identity. Using Dock, your organization can automate the certificate issuing and managing process and save time with ease.

Verified Certificates

Unfortunately, most physical or digital certificates today are not verifiable, which means anyone can claim that they have the certificate of your organization and that can be damaging.

With Dock, however, we utilize Blockchain technology to make sure every digital certificate we issue is verifiable and reusable within your organization.

Empower Recipients

Dock helps certificate recipients manage and share their digital certificates with ease, making their digital certificates shareable with anyone in the world.

Dock also supports instant validation, which makes recipients’ lives much easier by validating their certificates anywhere within seconds.

Next Steps

If you are an organization and are interested in working with Dock, please go to our organization page and answer a few simple questions to let us know more about your organization and how we could work together.



Please feel free to email us at support@dock.io with any questions.

Digital Wallet for Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers FAQ

What is Dock? Is the profile verified through Dock authentic?

Dock Systems, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California that focuses on data management and professional data verification. Dock partners with Employment Background Investigation, Inc (EBI). to provide authentic, verified professional results to employers, recruiters and hiring managers across the United States.

Why did I receive an invite from a job applicant to view their verified profile?

The job applicant has verified their resume and professional background through Dock and its verification partners, and is now sharing their report with you. Once invited, you can view their verified report and the candidate will receive a notification that you have received it.

How would viewing candidates who have verified their data help me as an employer?

By having a candidate’s pre-verified information at the start of the hiring prices, you can save significant time and resources knowing that this candidate’s information is accurate. According to reports, about 85% of employers in the U.S. have found lies or misrepresentation on a resume or application. In addition, verifying information can take weeks causing delays in start times for new hires. Dock helps you save time and effort by with verified candidates with ease.

Which types of data do you provide verification on?

We provide Education and Background Check verifications. Note: A candidate is able to select what verified data to share with you.

Why am I waiting for my request to be approved after my purchase?

As a technology company, we value user privacy tremendously and want to make sure you have the candidate’s consent to share their verified information. After your request, we will notify the candidate regarding your request and they can approve. If your request is not approved, we will process a full refund.

Can I request candidates to verify their data through Dock?

Yes, you can ask your candidate to verify through Dock. The candidate will need to complete the verification and then share it with you.

Have more questions? Please contact us at support@dock.io.

For Job Applicants - Sharing Your Professional Profile

Share your professional certificate via LinkedIn summary

If you have completed your verification on Dock, the next-step is to edit your LinkedIn summary so that everyone visiting your LinkedIn profile will know that you are verified. This also helps recruiters to notice you.

To let them know that you are verified, all you need to do is add a short sentence after your LinkedIn profile:

  • My identity and professional experience has been verified: (Insert Your Dock Sharable Profile)”

Have more questions? Please contact us at support@dock.io.

Share your professional certificate via LinkedIn Certificate

Why & How you should add certification(s) on LinkedIn

Having a direct proof of verification on your LinkedIn profile is immensely important as it lets recruiters view & trust your accomplishments. If you don’t have a certification section, simply add the section by clicking “Add profile section” in your profile, then “+ Certifications.”

Next, name your new certificate as “Employment Background Check and Verifications”, and put “Dock” as the certification authority. Finally, copy your profile link to the “Certified URL” section.

If you have any questions, please let us know at support@dock.io.

Share your professional certificate via resumes and CVs

Why adding a verified badge gives you an advantage

When searching for a job your resume is usually skimmed over, and if something catches the recruiters attention a more in depth look takes place. Therefore, making a good first impression is especially important, and using an eye-catching badge is a great way to draw more focus on your resume.

If you have already verified your data through Dock, you can download the TrueCheck badge we have created and attach it anywhere inside your resume and CV.

It is also a good idea to place the badge next to specific accomplishments that you have verified through Dock, indicating that these pieces of information are valid and trustworthy.

See the example below. The resources to download the TrueCheck badge are also below.

TrueCheck certification badges:

Download certification badges at: https://imgur.com/a/P02MyAP

Share your professional certificate via personal notes

Why & How adding a personal note will make you more successful

Research shows that adding a personal note while applying for a job increases your probability of getting noticed.

Additionally, having your professional data verified through Dock further increases your chance of capturing attention, putting you ahead of other candidates.

Creating your personal note

To create a personal note that establishes a connection with the person making the hiring decision, research the hiring managers at the company you are currently applying to. You typically want to find out who would be your direct manager or a recruiter. LinkedIn is a good way to find this information.

Once you’ve written a thoughtful note introducing yourself, rework it a bit and include the information below for extra “Oomph”.

I have successfully verified my professional profile as well as my education and employment history through industry pioneer Dock and Employment Background Investigations. You can view my public profile here: (your Dock shareable profile goes here)

What’s next?

If you haven’t verified your data through Dock yet, you can get started here: https://app.dock.io/wallet.

If you need any help, please let us know at support@dock.io.