Welcome to the Dock community!

We are glad you’re interested in becoming a part of our great community! To make sure you have the best possible experience, please read the introductory resources and familiarize yourself with our communication channels.

Introduction to Dock

What is Dock’s vision?

We see the future of work and the global economy being powered by digital credentials. With blockchain technology, transformational automation through machine readable and universally verifiable data is possible and we want to make this available for anyone.

ELI5; Dock wants everyone to be able to transform their accomplishments and capabilities into digital assets that serve you throughout your life. By anchoring these assets to the blockchain, Dock ensures others can trust their authenticity and guarantees that you control them.

What is Dock’s mission?

At Dock we’re committed to enabling an internet of trust by producing verifiable data and returning its control to owners.

How are we going about accomplishing this mission?

With the creation of an autonomous network (Dock Network) that makes it simple for organizations to take advantage of the transformative power of blockchain and issue verifiable data in the form of blockchain-anchored digital records.

We are also partnered with Verifiable, a company that is independent from Dock and will be an important part of early Dock Network adoption and growth. While Dock serves as the production layer for issuing credentials, Verifiable functions as a user facing platform for orgs who want an A-Z credential solution while also providing a wallet for individuals to store, share & manage their digital credentials.

Any credentials ordered through Verifiable will be fulfilled and produced by the Dock Network’s autonomous issuing engine.

What is the current state of progress?

(Last Updated on Aug 19, 2019)

Per the Dock Network Roadmap we are currently building out the core modules and issuing engine required for the mainnet launch of the Dock Blockchain.

We are also transitioning to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This is in progress, and currently we have Open Sourced our website and are using Dock Governance Proposal’s (DGPs) as our main form of governance. We have also begun publishing our code commits to the Dock Network’s github.

What is the community’s role at Dock?

  1. Promote the vision of Dock to the crypto-sphere and beyond.
  2. Participate in the community initiatives, vote on how the community budget is spent and contribute to the open source development of the Dock codebase.
  3. If you are a community member & also hold the Dock token we would ask that you take an active role in the governance by voting and/or proposing Dock Governance Proposals (DGPs).

Dock Flock

For those who want to contribute above a normal level please consider joining the Dock Flock. They are a group within the community who believe in the Dock vision & are willing to put forth extra effort to ensure its success. This additional effort is something that we gladly recognize and reward, through special badges and occasionally Dock tokens.

To join the Dock Flock, please fill out this form.

Communication Channels

  • Short form - Telegram Channel: Our telegram channel is the front lobby for Dock. You can hang out there, ask questions, and connect with other community members in real time. Our mod’s are active and willing to help you resolve any issues or questions related to Dock. There is no price talk allowed here, if you want to discuss that please ask about the community led Trading Channel
  • Medium form - Community forum: A one stop shop for all current news, relevant resources pertaining to Dock, and a great place to propose your ideas to the team or ask them questions directly.
  • Long form - Dock blog: This is where we communicate our high level thoughts & strategy through articles and content pieces. If you want to know where Dock is headed, make sure you’re reading our blog!

Social media - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit: These outlets are where we will post any significant announcements, events or actions that the community should know about.