What credentials do you currently hold?


Let us know what credentials-digital or otherwise-you currently hold to help us understand what areas/industries we focus on next.


I am an Investment Advisor rep, so a “credential” that I have is my Series 65.

The Series 65 is an exam that FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) administers and NASAA (North American Securities Administrators Association) creates/maintains.

To my knowledge there is no digital badge proving I have this license, but there are obviously other, more traditional ways to verify my having it.


My wife and I are legal “Guardians” in New York State for our 21 year old Autistic son.

When we die, we have his Brother to take care of him, but there are tens of thousands that don’t have the support that we have. If his “Autism Paperwork” gets lost, he loses all sorts of benefits. Let’s put his Guardianship on the Blockchain, and when my wife and I die, it transfers to his brother or entity that can then execute his estate.

This is the stuff that the Blockchain can add REAL value to peoples live :grinning:


@michaelsweeney that’s an amazing idea! Thank you for sharing.

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My suggestion to all Crypto people is to stop trying to get my Connecticut born wife to give up her credit cards!! :sweat_smile: Sure it will happen at some point, but the most vulnerable are the ones that need Blockchain support. Here is my work with Afghan women 5 or so years ago, and now I am focused on my Autistic son’s population - https://medium.com/@carousel51/roya-mahboob-our-country-s-good-a-cultural-exchange-at-trevor-day-school-in-nyc-86b6a6b9131e

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@michaelsweeney I totally agree that Blockchain has a lot to offer in pretty much every sphere of our lives. Here at Dock we are bringing change one step at a time allowing users to store and verify their lifetime credentials, as well as allowing organizations to issue certificates and badges that will not “get lost” if the paper gets lost.

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Hi I am a Procurement/ Supply Chain Management Specialist, I would not know if these would qualify as credentials, but here we go. Diploma in Logistics, Bcom in Transport and Logistics, Currently completing Honours in Supply Chain Management. Diploma in Purchasing and Supply, Master International Public Procurement.

I am interested in the development of Procurement and Supply Chain Management officials which is including the professionalization of these officials.

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Those are definitely credentials @Stephanus! If you don’t mind my asking, what organization or educational institution issued these credentials to you?

Using digital credentiasl as a way for proving marketable, professional skills like yours is an area we’re strongly emphasizing at Dock (Diplomas, degrees, etc fall under this focus). You can expect us to keep growing in this area, so stay tuned :+1:

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Dear Matt

Thank you for the feedback, I have received these through UNISA, MANCOSA, CIPS and IABFM,

These are for my qualifications, Then I have a number of short courses that included ITLL foundation version 3, emotional intelligence plus other professional short courses that deal directly with Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

My latest contribution is towards Enterprise development and supplier development, here I am in a acting Chief Advisory position.

Here I have develop the business case, strategy and frame work for my employer. Now I am waiting for the board approval to proceed to implementation stage.

I hope that I can be of some assistance going forward.

Kind regards,


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