What do we need to improve?


We welcome any and all feedback, learning from our users is the only way we can continue to deliver a great product.

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I accidentally added a duplicate credential to my wallet. There doesn’t seem to be a way for removing it, I tried deleting all the info in it and saving, but the fields are required after you’ve previously saved.

A nice improvement would be a button for deleting a credential. (It was an unverified credential)


We have updated the app with an option to delete your credential, thank you for the feedback!

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I get the impression that verifying of information is fairly new. It may help if certain resources are provided by registrants to help verify their information.

For example, I am a CPA, and there is a public website that can be used to verify my CPA license and whether or not it is active and in good standing. Perhaps Dock could leverage that to verify my credential quickly and inexpensively. I don’t know dock well enough to recommend what fields would be needed, etc, but perhaps this can get you started.


I would like to upload an image of my diploma, if I cannot get my degree verified.


Hi, At the moment there is just a form that you can fill out, but this is a good feedback and suggestion to the team!

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Thank you for this feedback, it is helpful for us to know which information people would like to get verified. I will be sure to share this with our team :slight_smile:

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Speaking as someone that has evaluated candidates, it is helpful to know someone can produce documentation, but given how good software is for generating fakes, I would feel better having a category for candidate/registrant provided documentation as opposed to 3rd party verified information.


It is not that I’m using a fake document. I just cannot verify it
on Dock.

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The point of certification is to have some steps takes to assure authenticity. If a degree can’t be verified, that doesn’t automatically make it a fake, but also doesn’t make it credible. This the status I proposed equivalent to registrant provided.


I am wondering if you plan to expande the background check/education certificats to Europe as well ? It seems a great feature, but it is not very useful for me if I can’t get it verified.
Also the education certificat form is U.S formatted (State field for example).


Hi @vincentpickert, that is the plan for the future - to expand and provide more features that are useful for everyone in our community. We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us see the direction we need to move.

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Thank your for your answer. Dock seems like a great concept so I’d love to be updated as soon as those new features roll in.


Many exchanges and others website as e-commerce for example ask for the KYC or others details of my documents.
Solution - partnership with Dock and if the link with dock would be enought for verify my account . Some details would be locked with Dock .
Contacts from my family could be add on the wallet dock . many people doesnt have family details complete on the phone for security reason such address, so could put some details together on a page with Parents contacts , address and number if case need something urgent.
An very important thing that we dont have in others wallets is in case someone dies and nobody can’t access the wallet . Could put a exclusive access for a third party that you allow this person to access in some conditions your wallet, or in case the person prove something with document after determined date.
Dock wallet could have deed of the property to proof that its property is own by the user, for exampe for partnership with real state companies or real state cryptos as Alt Estate, or Arbnb.
Example - On Airbnb, determined countries is allowed only the owner rent the house and you need to prove it. Others cases someone sub -rent the property and the owner discover it and need to prove that his house belongs to himself and not to the person who sub-rented the house.
than partnership Dock with the Airbnb or real states or others comanies that as this proof, means that deed of property is verified.