What will this solution bring?

What is the future for Verified Data?
How does it impact me?


@kurt_r, the world is creating data at a very fast & increasing rate. With all of the information out there, knowing what is true/not true becomes harder every day. When you verify important types of data, (skills, education, etc) it empowers your use of it and makes this data more valuable to you.

A great example of the impact is found during the job search process. With pre-verified data, a potential employer doesn’t need to spend time checking everything you’ve submitted, and the hiring process is expedited. Not to mention this sets you apart from others who do not bother to have their information verified.


This is a great initiative. With verified data both employe and the employer can connect on the same level. Kudos!


Exactly! This should solve many problems nowadays.:sunglasses:


This is awesome! Are you targeting just US market?

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@Juta, the first version to be released soon will be for the US market, but we don’t plan on stopping there! We’ll use the feedback we receive for prioritizing and incrementally roll out verified credentials internationally.


Sorry, but still I can’t get how does it work?
Is it a forum? about what?
is it an open discussion?


Great question @hbmikhail,

The short answer is it’s a forum!

In the menu you can select categories to post in (called Topics). At this time we’ve got Verified Credentials, News, & Support categories, additional ones may be added later.

The forum for now is focused on the Verified Credentials category where the team is answering any questions related to our upcoming release for collecting and sharing them. At the bottom of our Feb '19 Updates blog there’s a sneek peak and a link to a related article Elina wrote if you want more info.