What would you like to be able to accomplish with your Dock wallet?

We’ve created the Dock wallet to make your lives easier! Please let us know what types of items you would like to store in it and where you would like to be able to use it.


Display resume and links to previous work.


I like the idea to add links to previous work. If we could provide a chance to add specific details (not just companies name) about previous work like contact details it would be even better. It’s a very common thing that employers contact previous workplace to ask for a feedback.:slightly_smiling_face:


I would like a storage system of curriculum vitae in 2 or 3 formats. Obviously it will be required that the files do not exceed XX MB.

I would also like a system to credit the profits, some way to present official papers for a universal AML verification in DOCK.

In another matter, I would like to be able to vote from the wallet the new proposals. And a small real-time graph of the price change, a simple ticker.


Is this wallet also intended to have application with crypto currency credentials or is this meant more for identity and credentials?

If it is, can you point me to docs/design features relating to key management? It could be very useful to publish public identities and keys, but users also need to securely manage any private keys to access the resources associated with a particular identity.

Wondering if that is totally external to this tool, or what aspects are managed for particular services.

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Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the question! Currently the Dock wallet is for a user to manage and verify their background information, educational information & other certificates. At this time it is meant more for identity credentials. We see a wide range of use cases for various credentials that users could store there. We aren’t exploring using it for holding crypto or keys currently but appreciate the feedback!


Nice. I am currently working on a proprietary platform to perform my live with scheduling. It is a not very complex project, but i like this


I would like to handle most work-relevant titles and details as well as include PII security to my online work profile.


Thanks for the information @chris_d, we’ve noted it and have added it to our collection of user feedback for further analysis.

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