Where is my complete Wallet / Profile gone

After I was invited and registered to dock.io, I started to “play around” with it.
I importet my most complete online Profile, added additional information to it, added nice Logos to it. I spent hours and hours of time, to add all the details of the jobs and business work positions. Also adding all the graphics and logos to make everything look nice.
Finally it was looking pretty awesome.
However, now about all my content of my profile / credentials are gone.
There is now just this “wallet”, with just 4 (ugly looking) entries, for some of my educations. Additional Trainigs gone. No work history anymore. Not even my own business. No Logos from companies. No Logos from the educational institutes and organizations.
Almost nothing is left there. All the hours and hours of work gone.
Where is my created Profile / Credentials / History ???

Hi @rgloor,
Thank you for your message. Apologies for any trouble.
First of all let me clarify that the profiles we used to have on Dock were (and still are) not public.
As Dock evolved into a platform that allows you to verify and store your digital credentials, some of the functionality has been removed, including the profile as it used to be.
We are sorry for any frustration caused by the change. Let us know if you have any questions or there is anything we can do for you.